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Welcome to Center for Computational Analysis of Social and Organizational Systems (CASOS)!

Addressing complex real world issues through a combined social-science & computer-science approach, using advanced techniques from network science, text-mining, and agent-based modeling.

  • Leader in network science, network analysis and network visualization.
  • Leader in network dynamics and linking social networks to other data - geo-spatial, knowledge, tasks etc.
  • Leading analytic tools for network analysis - ORA-LITE, AutoMap, Construct
  • University wide center with faculty and students in multiple departments
  • Multi-disciplinary research - working with Academia, Industry, Government
  • Applications related to Law Enforcement, Counter-terrorism, Health, Nuclear Deterrence, Cyber-Security, Social Change, Organizational Design, Insider Threat, Population Dynamics, Social Media.

Director: Prof. Kathleen M. Carley :: homepage

Recent News

  • April 2021 - CASOS Director Kathleen M. Carley joins the podcast Cybercrimeology to talk about social cybersecurity and BEND. Hear the full interview here.
  • March 2021 - Sienna Watkins shows her artistic side in the ISR Random video. Watch the full video here.
  • February 2021 - The Center for Informed Democracy and Social-cybersecurity (IDeaS) is having their second annual conference on July 12th & 13th. Find more information here.
  • January 2021 - Paper "An egocentric analysis of adolescent-adult support networks, attitudes towards violence and retaliation, and violence exposure" receives a runner-up for best poster at The 3rd North American Social Networks Conference (NASN), see presentation here.
  • January 2021 - CASOS Director Kathleen M. Carley is interviewed by Yahoo Finance about the spread of disinformation online. Read full article here.
  • January 2021 - CASOS research is highlighted in the E&E article "Shadowy Twitter bots spread climate disinformation". Read full article here.
  • January 2021 - CASOS Faculty Kathleen M. Carley and L. Richard Carley were selected as one of the 15 university-based Minerva Research Initiative faculty teams to support research in the social and behavioral sciences.¬†See the announcement and other awardees here.
  • January 2021 - CASOS Director Kathleen M. Carley is interviewed by the Business Insider about the future of the Parlor Platform. Read full article¬†here.
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Analyze statistics, social network analysis (SNA), dynamic network analysis (DNA), link analysis software.

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The Professional version of ORA which is available from Netanomics ( ORA is a network science tool used for network science and visualization

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CASOS used network science tools such as ORA, Automap, and Construct. These tools are used for network science and visualization