Networks and Terrorism

Within CASOS there is substantial work related to homeland security and counter-terrorism issues. All of these topics involve computer science, social and policy issues. One of the strengths of the CASOS program is that it combines faculty with deep expertise in both the social and computational sciences as well as strong interests in policy and applied work. The activities described under Projects, PhD Projects and Publications will be be or have been undertaken in consultation with industrial affiliates and government liasons to ensure both high quality science and strong applicability.

Complementing the research outlined here are a number of outreach activities. A seminar series on computation, organization and society has been broadened to increase discussion of these issues thus raising awareness within the CMU campus community. New courses or course modules have been developed on security issues. It is anticipated that this work will result in (or contribute to) the completion of five Ph.D.s. in the next 2 years. Much of this work is presented at the NAACSOS conference. Finally the CMU CASOS summer institute now has a security module thus transferring the ideas and tools developed at CMU to researchers and domain experts outside of CMU.