Three Rivers Network Certification and Award Program in Dynamic and Social Network Analysis

sponsored by the Three Rivers Network

Three Rivers Network
Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Pittsburgh are home to the Three Rivers Network. This is an inter-university, inter-college, inter-disciplinary program in the area of social and organizational networks. The faculty in this area are spread across the H.J.Heinz III School of Public Policy and Management at CMU, the Social and Decision Sciences Department at CMU, the Graduate School of Industrial Administration at CMU, and the department of Sociology the KATZ Business School at the University of Pittsburgh. Program activities include courses, research seminars (periodically Thursdays at 3:30), ongoing research activities, conference organization, and other student related events.
The Three Rivers Network, in association with the center for Computational Analysis of Social and Organizational Systems (CASOS) sponsors the certification and award program in social and organizational networks. All Ph.D. students at the Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Pittsburgh are eligible for this program.

Certification and Award
To be eligible for the certification and award in Social and Organizational Networks students must meet the following requirements:

Due to demands on faculty time and the arrival of new faculty the set of courses that will be considered as part of this program may change. At any point, the oversight committee will be able to provide the students with a list of acceptable courses. Listed below are the set of course that are currently taught. We expect that additional courses will be developed over time in this area. New courses will also be posted to the 3 rivers seminar mailing list as they are discovered.

The following courses are offered regularly:
08-801 Dynamic Network Analysis (Carley) - every year
90-915 Fundamentals of Social Network Methods (Krackhardt)

Conference Presentation
The Sunbelt Social Network Meeting is the premier conference in this area. Thus we strongly encourage all students to attend and participate in this conference. However, we recognize that there may be budgetary issues that make this prohibitive. Thus, the oversight committee will consider a student's request for presentation in a network session at another conference to count in lieu of presentation at The Sunbelt.

Ph.D. students can apply for certification at any point in their graduate careers. Applications are made to the oversight committee. Upon successful completion of the program students will receive certification of their achievement by receiving an award for Meritorious Achievement in Social and Organizational Networks. At that time, students will also be inducted into the Three Rivers Network, a local area club established to promote research and intellectual excellence in this area. Membership in the Three Rivers Network will be for life.

Students interested in applying for this award must submit the following by email to Dr. Kathleen M. Carley:

  1. One paragraph overview describing interest in dynamic and social networks.
  2. A list of the courses already taken in this area.
  3. A list of the courses to be taken in this area.
  4. Information on presentations and papers that fulfill the external and internal involvement requirements.
  5. The name and email of the student's Ph.D. advisor.

The advisor should send a separate letter of recommendation.

Status of Certification and Award
As certification that they have completed the Social and Organizational Networks Program in good standing students will be receive an award for Meritorious Achievement in Social and Organizational Networks. This award is a recognition of in-depth study and research in the area of social and organizational networks. It is not, and should not be construed as, a degree from either institution. Nor is it a pre-Ph.d. nor continuing education certificate. This award can be listed on vitas as an award and under education as a note of certification.

Core Faculty

Related Faculty

Oversight Committee

For additional information on social and organizational networks and related programs contact:
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