Ph.D. programs related to CASOS

Students who wish to be associated with CASOS and part of the CASOS PhD student group should apply to any of the PhD programs in:

Once admitted and attending CMU, send a letter to Dr. Kathleen M. Carley with a copy to your advisor. In the letter address these three things:

  1. Who is your advisor?
  2. Why do you wish to be affiliated with CASOS?
  3. What network science, social network, or agent-based modeling project do you hope to work on?
This letter will be received and affiliation invitations will go out in September.

All Ph.D. students affiliated the CASOS and Societal Computing should take both: 17-801 and 17-821.
All Ph.D. students affiliated with CASOS in other departments should take either or both: 17-801 and 17-821.