CASOS Awards, 2012

CASOS Student Awards

  • Best Paper Award!

    PhD student Kenny Joseph and his co-authors Chun How Tan and Kathleen M. Carley received the best paper award for their paper: "Beyond 'Local', 'Socal' and 'Category': Clustering foursquare Users Using Latent 'Topics' at the 4th International Workshop on Location-Based Social Networks (LBSN 2012) at UBICOM Sept 8, 2012 - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.

    The paper uses latent dirichlet analysis to cluster foursquare users by the places they went in an attempt to better understand check-in behavior. They find indications that complex relationships between social, geospatial and medium-based (self-representation in a broadcast media) exist in why users check in to different places.

    You can read the paper here: [Link]

  • In June 2012, Ph.D. student Geoff Morgan received an interdisciplinary project grant, along with an undergradaute in Fine Arts, Caroline Record, from the School of Art. The project also has the material support of a local dance company. The funding supports 3 shows (money for dancers, a projectionist, etc) at a local performance venue over the upcoming year. The shows will probably occur during the early Spring of 2013. The project involves transforming gray-scale IR imagery, with the heat of performers being transferred through a screen, into colorized images and also transforming that input as blends between variable images. Here is a link which includes some sample imagery related to the project proposal: [Link]. The grant is awarded once a year to one interdisciplinary project across the entire School of Art - and it's traditionally won by graduate level art students.

CASOS Faculty Awards

  • Dr. Kathleen M. Carley was appointed to the DHS Homeland Security Science and Technology Advisory Committee
  • Dr. Kathleen M. Carley gave a keynote address on "Political Evolution and Revolution: A Network Assessment of Sudan and Arab Spring Power Transformations," at the Networks in the Global World Conference in St. Petersburg, Russia
  • Dr. Kathleen M. Carley gave a keynote address on "Secondary Actors and Communicative Reach," at the Graph Exploitation Conference in Boston, MA
  • The paper "The nature of the social agent," by Kathleen M. Carley and Allen Newell, (19)4 - 1995, is among the ten most cited articles to have appeared in the Journal of Mathematical Sociology.


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