Ph.D. Graduates | Masters Graduates

Airoldi, Edoardo ISR Harvard University airoldi[AT]
Anderson, Bonnie B. Heinz School PPM Brigham Young University bonnie_anderson[AT]
Ashworth, Michael ISR, CASOS IGERT Self-employed ashworth[AT]
Behrens, Dean Social and Decision Sciences University of Toronto dbehrens[AT]
Behrman, Robert EPP, CASOS IGERT Engineering and Public Policy rbehrman[AT]
Benisch, Michael J. ISR, CASOS IGERT ISR: Computation, Organizations and Society mbenisch[AT]
Butts, Carter T. Social and Decision Sciences, CASOS IGERT University of California, Irvine buttsc[AT]
Casciaro, Tiziana Social and Decision Sciences University of Toronto Tiziana.Casciaro[AT]
Cataldo, Marcelo ISR, CASOS IGERT Bosch Corporate Research
Chen, Li-Chiou Engineering and Public Policy Pace University lchen[AT]
Davis, George ISR, CASOS IGERT Knewton
Diesner, Jana ISR, CASOS IGERT University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign jdiesner[AT]
Ding, Wenexuan A. Heinz School of PPM Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business
Frantz, Terrill L. ISR, CASOS IGERT HSBC Business School, Peking Univ. terrill[AT]
Graham, John ISR United States Military Academy at West Point john.graham[AT]
Hill, Victoria Engineering and Public Policy AAAS Fellow - National Science Foundation / Numeritics
Hunter, Keith O. Heinz School PPM, CASOS IGERT University of San Francisco kohunter[AT]
Jiang, Xiaoqian ISR University of California at San Diego
Kannan, Karthik Heinz School PPM Purdue University kkarthik[AT]
Kaplan, David Heinz School of Public Policy and Management Self-Employed
Kas, Miray ECE Google mkas[AT]
Lanham, Michael ISR, CASOS IGERT ISR: Computation, Organizations and Society mlanham[at]
Lewis, Eleanor Social and Decision Sciences Center for Health Care Evaluation, Veterans Affairs Palo Alto Health Care System eleanor.lewis[AT]
Lin, Zhiang Heinz School of PPM University of Texas at Dallas zlin[AT]
Louie, Marcus Engineering and Public Policy, CASOS IGERT Collective[i] mlouie[AT]
Malin, Brad ISR, CASOS IGERT Vanderbilt University b.malin[AT]Vanderbilt.Edu
McCulloh, Ian ISR, CASOS IGERT Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory
McGrath, Cathleen Heinz School PPM Loyola Marymount University cmcgrath[AT]
Mezzour, Ghita ECE, CASOS IGERT Electrical and Computer Engineering mezzour[AT]
Moon, Il-Chul ISR Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology icmoon[AT]
Ren, Yuqing Social and Decision Sciences University of Minnesota chingren[AT]
Schreiber, Craig ISR, CASOS IGERT Lenoir Rhyne University craig.schreiber[AT]
Teitelbaum, Dan Engineering and Public Policy Bios Group LP
Tsvetovat, Maksim ISR, CASOS IGERT Self-employed - Startup maksim[AT]
Wagstrom, Patrick Engineering and Public Policy, ISR, CASOS IGERT IBM: TJ Watson Research Center patrick[AT]
Yahja, Alex ISR University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign ayahja[AT]

Masters Graduates

Bedford, Virginia ISR, CASOS USACE vbedford[AT]
Carvajal, Juan Manuel Caicedo LTI Language Technologies Institute student, Ph.D. jcaicedo[AT]
Oliva, Junier Electrical and Computer Engineering Machine Learning student, Ph.D. junier[AT]
Olson, Jamie ISR, CASOS IGERT ISR: Computation, Organizations and Society jfolson[AT]
St. Charles, Jesse ISR Knewton