Datasets for the PLOS ONE Articles

Datasets described in this section are related to articles published or under review in the journal PLOS ONE an open access scientific journal published by the Public Library of Science (PLOS).

The Role of Datasets on Scientific Influence within Conflict Research

by Tracy Van Holt, Jeffery C. Johnson, Shiloh Moates, and Kathleen M. Carley
  1. OriginalText
    1. Conflictall_noreviews.txt: The original, uncleaned text file, as extracted from the Web of Science.
    2. clean.WoS: is a file that was cleaned by WoS file to standardize files. This file can be imported into Pajek

  2. Files for the Critical Path (Fig 1 in the manuscript)
    1., Cite.xml (DyNetML): is the Pajek file that was processed using Pajek WoS,which is the input file for the critical path analysis (see codes in Appendix 2)
    2. Figure1_criticalpath.vna: The UCINET critical path file (vna format)

  3. Keywords from only critical path articles (Fig S2)
    1. From only the 49 critical path articles, WKAff.##d and WKAff.##h files which are works by keywords files for UCINET. DyNetML Files WK-Aff.xml
    2. The excel sheet with all keywords from the WK affiliation matrix
    3. The final figure kwfigurefinal2.vna file, which contains only the keywords that were retained.

  4. Keywords from 2010 only (Figure 1 in the manuscript)
    1. 2010deg59+.vna: A UNINET file (vna format) that is the affiliation matrix of a works by keyword file just for 2010. For a node to link,>59 articles had to discuss that keyword pair in common

  5. Other Files (not used in manuscript)
    1., WA.xml (DyNetML): works by author file as generated by WoS Pajek from 1.2
    2., WJ.xml (DyNetML): works by journal file as generated by WoS Pajek from 1.2
    3., WK.xml (DyNetML): works by keywords file as generated by WoS Pajek from 1.2

Software Used:

How to Cite: Van Holt, T., Johnson, J. C., Moates, S., Carley, K.M. (2016) The role of datasets on scientific influence within conflict research.PLOS ONE. DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0154148.

The Broad Reach of Online Extremism: Understanding the ISIS Supporting Community on Twitter

by Matthew Benigni, Kenneth Joseph and Kathleen M. Carley

How to Cite: Matthew Benigni, Kenneth Joseph and Kathleen M. Carley, 2017-forthcoming, "Online Extremism and the Communities that Sustain It: Detecting the ISIS Supporting Community on Twitter," PLOS ONE.