Comparing the Diffusion of Different Types of "fake news" and Community Responses - Publications

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Babcock, Matthew, Villa Cox, Ramon Alfonso, & Kumar, Sumeet. (2018). Diffusion of pro-and anti-false information tweets: the Black Panther movie case, Computational and Mathematical Organization Theory p.1-13, [DOI].

Babcock, Matthew, Beskow, David M., & Carley, Kathleen M. (2018). Beaten Up on Twitter? Exploring Fake News and Satirical Responses During the Black Panther Movie Event. In International Conference on Social Computing, Behavioral-Cultural Modeling and Prediction and Behavior Representation in Modeling and Simulation (pp. 97-103). Springer, Cham.


Babcock, Matthew & Carley, Kathleen M. (2018) Debunking vs Satire: Comparing Community Responses to Event-Specific "Fake News". Poster presented at the Artificial Intelligence and Autonomy for Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief Workshop. Pittsburgh, PA.

Babcock, Matthew & Villa Cox, Ramon Alfonso & Kumar, Sumeet. (2018). Which Fake Fits? How the Diffusion of Disinformation Varies by Campaign Type and Community in the Black Panther Twitter Discussion. Challenge Problem Poster for 2018 SBP-BRiMS, Washington, DC.

Babcock, Matthew, Beskow, David M., & Carley, Kathleen M. (2018). All Fake News is Not Created Equal: How fake stories, satire and misinformation spread during the Black Panther release. Poster presented at CASOS Summer Institute. Pittsburgh, PA.