Network Analysis Data

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CASOS Datasets for internal use.

Summary of network analytic measures for CMU-CASOS and external network data

Datasets developed at CASOS

a2c2_team_d_scuds a2c2_team_d_no_scuds Company
Tanzania Glitch MMOG Tanzania Kenya
Tanzania Geospatial kc_node_aa kc_node_af
Startup Company West Bank Stargate
Star Wars OSN Threat Groups OEC Detection
Good Flightpaths Not Good Flightpaths Marvel Phase 1
PR1 Raiders of the Lost Ark Valkyria Chronicles
Hatfield-McCoy Syria Dataset Sci-Fi Books
Welsh Canals NATO 2016 Exercises

Public Datasets

Datasets for PLOS ONE Articles

  • The data sets for the PLOS ONE article, "The Role of Datasets on Scientific Influence within Conflict Research".
  • The data sets for the PLOS ONE article under review, "The Broad Reach of Online Extremism: Understanding the ISIS Supporting Community on Twitter".

Other Public Datasets

50 Women Astrophysics Attiro
Autonomous Systems Bernard & Killworth Fraternity Bernard & Killworth Ham Radio
Bernard & Killworth Office Bernard & Killworth Tec Camp Data
Celegansneural Centrality Literature Cities
Cond-Mat Cond-Mat 2003 Cond-Mat 2005
Covert Networks (41 sets) CSphd Davis Southern Club Women
David Copperfield Dining Dolphins
Drug Net Family Planning in Korea Flying Teams
Football Galesburg Gama
Gleiser Comics Goodreau's Mesa High School Hep-Th
Hi-tech Hollywood Film Music Isle of Man
Kapferer Mine Kapferer Tailor Shop Knoke and Kuklinski
Krackhardt Office CSS:Krackad Krackhardt Office CSS:Krackfr Literature 1976
Mexican Power ModMath Net Science
Newcomb Fraternity John Padgett - Florentine Families Pol Blogs
Pol Books POWER Prison
Ragusan Sample Limesurvey data Sample Qualtrics file
Sampson Monastery SanJuanSur Sawmill
Scotland Stranke94 Strike
Student Government Szcid Szcig
Taro Thurman Office USAir97
Valdez Krebs Anytie Valdez Krebs Interaction Valdez Krebs TrustedPrior
Wiring Wolf World Trade
Zachary Karate Club